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8" Pocket Folding Knife - Turquoise

8" Pocket Folding Knife - Turquoise

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Size Information

Overall Length 8" Inches
Blade Length 3.5 " Inches
Handle length 4.5 " Inches
Handle Material : Turquoise Color Resin , Brass

Handle Material : Resin , Brass , Mosaic Pin

Interesting Information about Damascus steel:
Damascus steel Is an Advanced Form of Shaping Steel, Derived From Centuries-Old Forging Technique Used To Create Blades That Became Almost Legendary In Their Reputation For Strength & Sharpness. Recognized By The Distinctive Pattern On The Surface Of The Metal, The Stratified Layers Of Steel Are Reminiscent Of Flowing Water.


Lightweight yet sturdy, This is perfect every day carry for any task - cutting tape, boxes, rope and more


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